Speaking, Living and Sharing Peace (10-month Program)

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Thu Feb 6, 6:30 PM - Sat Nov 21, 4:00 PM (EST)
Builders and Remodelers Association, 179 Little Lake Dr., Ann Arbor, MI  

Learn life-changing skills that can dramatically improve the quality of your personal and professional relationships by increasing harmony, trust, and creative problem-solving. Become part of an inclusive and respectful community to help you deepen peace within yourself, in your relationships, and in your world.

In this program, we will provide a place where we can learn and grow in community, and offer a different way to be in the world – where we can be both honest and caring, fierce and tender, and where we can live authentically.

More than just a workshop, or even a series of workshop, this immersion program includes a rich combination of methods and practical tools to support your learning and integration including:

  • Four in-person gatherings (2½ days each).
  • 1-on-1 support session with a trainer.
  • Ongoing empathy support from peers and repeat participants.
  • 90-minute online session (webinar) each month the group does not meet in person.


  1. December 5 - 7, 2019
  2. February 6 - 8, 2020
  3. May 28 - 30, 2020
  4. September 17 - 19, 2020


  • Thursday: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

AUDIENCE: Everyone is welcome – this program is an immersive experience that will be meaningful for people who are new to Nonviolent Communication and those with a lot of past experience.

This program is designed to help you:

  • Discover the art and science of deep listening and use empathy to increase trust and connectedness in your relationships.
  • Express yourself honestly and navigate conflict with grace and grit.
  • Dissolve blame you have for others and for yourself.
  • Set yourself up for success when you anticipate having a difficult conversation.
  • Decode hard-to-hear messages so that you can see the deeper meaning without being reactive.
  • Explore how shame and fear can hinder self-acceptance and creativity, and utilize strategies to release shame and fear and heal from their effects
  • Integrate the value of gratitude practice to support well-being and connection with self and others
  • Apply communication tools in a way that comes across as natural and where people see you as being authentic, rather than using a “technique.”
  • Learn how to ask for what you want in a way that inspires others to support you.
  • Develop a personal action plan to operationalize everything you learn.​

Learn more about this event and the host, Great Lakes NVC.

François Beausoleil


Irene Bowers


Lisa Gottlieb

Builders and Remodelers Association, 179 Little Lake Dr., Ann Arbor, MI
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